Saga of Online Teaching 6

by Dr Davis on January 21, 2010

I finished the class. I had all the folders up. I had all the assignments in the folders up. I even had pictures on some of the assignments and folders. I created a class.

It’s a class I am proud of and one that I think will work out well for my students.

The class started off with a bang. Four women posted the first day, practically the first hour the class was open.

I’ve looked and seen that many people went to the assignment, but few went to the introduction. Maybe I’ll have to give a quiz on that next time.

And it had its glitches. First, I wrote a six paragraph post and it disappeared into thin air. I’m sure that will happen to the students too.

And I still wasn’t sure how to do grades… Plus, there were no classes for teachers scheduled yet for this semester.

I took great solace in the fact that it was up and looked good though. Even if I had to grade everything individually and by hand.

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